About TAES2018

Traditional Art Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Our Objective

To empower 50 selected micro/small cultural/artisan entrepreneurs of India annually through a series of conference, workshops, grant competition and travelling exhibitions to directly impact 5000 artisans of India, primarily women, while indirectly impacting 25000 rural lives.
This event empowers the artisan businesses in the following areas:
Skill building, Marketing, Business Development, Networking, Branding and Sales

Through TAES we seek to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(1, 5, 17)

Sustainable Development Goal 1: NO POVERTY

Sustainable Development Goal 5: GENDER EQUALITY

Sustainable Development Goal 17: PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS

No Poverty

1. Through TAES we seek to promote poor artisan businesses.

2. Provide them a platform to promote their art and make it monetarily sustainable.

3. Generate revenue for local businesses and hence allow them to flourish and evade poverty.

Gender Equality

1. Mithilasmita’s main aim and objective is to promote women artisans, a goal reflected in the TAES.

2. Promoting women artists in various art forms and giving them a platform to showcase their talent.

3. Supporting women entrepreneurship in artisan businesses.

Partnership For Goals

1. TAES is a venture that seeks to collaborate with various stakeholders to meet its goals of evading poverty as well as promoting gender equality in the Artisan Sector.

2. To meet these goals we need the constant support of our partners for our cause.



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