Naga Jewelry

Beed Necklace – Traditionally both sexes enjoy wearing colourful ornaments. Their ingenuity lies in amalgamating the seemingly unpromising foreign objects to their own use with admirable inventivness and taste. Broken tumblers of thick glass were turned into ear ornaments and colourful glass rade beads were strung on cords of local fibres fastened by coins. The different coloured beads in indigo, orange and purple blend well with other ornamenent and gives it a typically Indian flavour.

Bracelets and Bangles

The beauty of Naga bracelet and bangles is exquisite.They are a fine example of excellent craftsmenship. Sawed from the wide end of tusk, then shaped and stained to bring out the superb grain of the ivory and rubbed for lifetimes against wearers skin until the inner edges took on a jewel like transparency.

Cowerie Shells

Shells are inseperable part of Naga culture.Perhaps remniscent of distant past lived by the Bay of Bengal. Nagas have used them to make different ornament, occasionally commissioning brass workers to cast their forms in metal.