Phulkari means flower work using needle. Phulkaris are considered auspicious adding a touch of colour and richness to almost every ceremony. Punjab’s women generally specialize in this form of embroidery which needs lots of patience and skills. Using a deep coloured cotton cloth as base. women embroider an impression of floral magnificence with contrasting silk threads. The embroidery is so intricate that at times it’s difficult to distinguish it from machine work. Phulkari was traditionally done on dupattas but now it is being used on different attires. home decor items etc. Phulkari are of many varieties. some of the popular ones are Bagh (embroidering the entire surfacel, Chope tworn by brides; embroidered on both sides of the cloth), Subhar imotifs on the corner,Sainchi (embroidered with darn stitch), Tilpatra (spreaded seeds like embroidery). Neelak (colour of the phulkaris mixed with metals), Ghungat Bagh Idesigned to be worn over the head) and Chamaas (mirrors sewn into the cloth).