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UK India Dosti- A Cultural Exchange project to introduce UK art lovers and diaspora to the ancient art forms of India and incredible women artists from rural villages to celebrate South Asia Heritage Month 2022 and 75th Independence Year of India.

Art Forms



Deep in the rural interior of India, the women folk of a traditional people practice an art form that not only captures the legends and mythology of ancient culture, but also reflects the mixing of art and life. The beautiful region that lends its name to this art is Mithilanchal in northern Bihar, and so unique is this nearly 15000 years old tradition, that Mithila Paintings, also known as Madhubani Paintings, has the rare honor of being awarded Geographical Indications Patents Rights by the Government of India, for its distinct cultural identification.

Naga Jewelry

Beed Necklace – Traditionally both sexes enjoy wearing colourful ornaments. Their ingenuity lies in amalgamating the seemingly unpromising foreign objects to their own use with admirable inventivness and taste. Broken tumblers of thick glass were turned into ear ornaments and colourful glass rade beads were strung on cords of local fibres fastened by coins. The different coloured beads in indigo, orange and purple blend well with other ornamenent and gives it a typically Indian flavour.


Rabari Applique

Rabaris are nomadic herders who live scattered through out Gujarat and Rajasthan. Originally only camels were their source of livelihood. However, now, they keep goat, sheep, cow or buffalo. Rabaris are highly adaptive and hence there appears to be some differences among the community, living in different locations. The Rabaris have permanent villages, which are occupied half the year. Also, women live in the villages as men go out with their cattle. One of the most striking features of the Rabari community is their artistic embroidery.


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Jasuben DudabhaI



Monday 18th July Madhubani Art Workshop
Wednesday 20th July Rabari Applique Workshop
Friday 22nd July Naga Bead Jewelry Workshop

Event Information

Age Group – 14 & above

Slots – 10am BST to 11.10am BST/2.30pm IST to 3.40pm IST 

Channel – Zoom

Registration – Through GWL Scotland